Emerald and Tiger Elemental Sound Meditation (Audio)


Welcome to this unguided elemental sound meditation by Jasmin Harsono sharing Koshi Chimes of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. All elements exist inside and outside of our being. 



Welcome to this elemental sound meditation, guided by Jasmin Harsono. It features the soothing tones of Koshi Chimes, representing Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

Earth (feminine) embodies stability, safety, and groundedness, connecting us to the physical realm. It reminds us of our beginnings and endings, offering a sense of presence and support within and around us. I am Earth.

Fire (masculine) symbolizes life force energy and transformation, igniting within us the power to release what no longer serves us. It embodies warmth, drive, and action, sparking motivation and renewal. I am Fire.

Water (feminine) serves as a conduit for sound and emotion, reflecting the fluidity of our inner world. Just as water flows, emotions move within us, ranging from tears to waves of joy or anger. Water encourages cleansing and balance, inviting us to embrace our feelings with openness. I am Water.

Air (masculine) inspires creativity and renewal, inviting us to breathe deeply and envision new possibilities. Like the breath of Spring, it symbolizes fresh beginnings and expansion, encouraging us to embrace the present moment with clarity and openness. I am Air.

Find a comfortable position, whether seated or lying down and allow yourself to breathe deeply as you listen to the gentle sounds of the Koshi chimes. Notice the sensations in your body without judgment, giving yourself space to rest and receive.

This meditation lasts for fifteen minutes.


  • Feel free to listen at any time.
  • Consider journaling your thoughts or feelings after the meditation for reflection.

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12 mins

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