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Our Story

Emerald and Tiger is a lifestyle brand and wellness community space established by Jasmin Harsono, an intuitive guide and multi-sensory artist.

Jasmin has shared distinctive and immersive multi-sensory healing experiences for over nine years.

We invite you to explore our website to discover our services, including personal guidance through one-to-one sessions, group and corporate events, workshops, programmes, brand activations, sound compositions, immersive installations, consultancy, retreats, products and more.

Our Values

Emerald and Tiger, founded in 2017, aims to create a safe, kind, and grounded environment for individuals and communities to explore spirituality and well-being. We seek to promote conscious awareness and facilitate enriching sensory and healing experiences that establish a profound connection with the body, heart, and spirit.

We empower individuals to establish deep connections with their authentic selves and strive to cultivate a sense of belonging to the Earth, nature, and all living beings.

About The Founder, Jasmin Harsono

“Guiding people to remember and come home to their true self”

Jasmin Harsono is the founder of the wellness brand Emerald and Tiger. As an intuitive wellness guide, she has worked in wellness worldwide for nine years as a multi-sensory artist, practitioner, writer, author, speaker, contributor, and brand advisor.

She combines her life experiences, training and practices to blend the synergies of modern living, a conscious heart and ancient rituals.

She is of mixed heritage, with Iranian, Italian and Welsh roots, and was born and raised in London, which she still calls home. Jasmin is a compassionate and grounded practitioner who shares her work worldwide. She brings a wealth of experience and offers transformational tools and sensory and healing experiences through modalities such as Breathwork, Reiki, and Sound Healing that can be used in everyday life.

With over fifteen years of study and practice, Jasmin’s training includes Life Coaching, Meditation, Somatic Therapy, Reiki at Master Teacher Level, Sound and Voice Therapy, and Shamanism. Additionally, she continues her professional and personal development by attending courses, workshops and seminars regularly. She has trained with teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Frans Stiene, Tim Wheater, Jill Purce, and Rita Hraiz.

The Emerald and Tiger brand is driven by Jasmin’s passion for sensory and healing experiences, including movement, energy, sound, voice, nature, and colour. Her approach explores the connection between our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers and our relationship to the elements.

From a young age, composing, curating, and performing have been integral to Jasmin’s life. She has always found healing and solace in music, sound, and the ability to tap into sensory experiences to express and process feelings and emotions.

Jasmin holds a degree in Music Media Management and has worked in the music and fashion industries producing events. As a singer, her former band headlined prestigious venues in London alongside artists like Ed Sheeran. She continues to create music and believes that our voice can be a healing tool, unlocking forgotten or undiscovered parts of ourselves. Her passion for sound is a fundamental part of her work.

Jasmin’s experiences, such as losing her father to suicide at a young age and dealing with various health conditions like cancer, endometriosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and fertility issues, have led her to her current path. She now shares the practices and tools that have helped her with others, particularly those dealing with similar challenges. Jasmin is committed to making well-being accessible to everyone, including families and children.

The Emerald and Tiger brand and Jasmin’s work have been featured in publications such as Allure Magazine, Forbes, Stylist, Evening Standard, Vogue, and The Times. Financial Times, How To Spend It, Women’s Health, and Goop recommend her sessions. Jasmin’s debut book, Self Reiki, published by DK, is available worldwide.

Emerald and Tiger actively support and promote awareness of global and local causes while providing affordable, accessible, or discounted sessions to those needing support. Jasmin’s dedication to wellbeing extends beyond her work, encompassing a deep commitment to giving back. Supporting charitable organisations such as WOW, Duty of Care, Future Dreams, and Suicide & Co (Jasmin is an ambassador) charities is an integral part of Jasmin’s ethos and the essence of Emerald and Tiger.

Please take a moment to explore the Emerald and Tiger website. You can book a session by visiting the services section, purchasing the Self Reiki book, downloading meditations by heading to the shop section and using the contact page to inquire about private events, immersive sensory installations, or brand activations.

Stay connected with Jasmin and Emerald and Tiger by following them on Instagram or subscribing to YouTube.

“Awareness of the breath is a prelude to it all” Jasmin Harsono