Our Story

Emerald and Tiger, founded by intuitive guide and sensory artist, Jasmin Harsono is a lifestyle brand and wellness space promoting conscious awareness through vibrant connection to wellbeing.

She has been sharing original and immersive multi-sensory and healing experiences for over eight years providing one-to-one, group and corporate support, and curating original brand activations and collaborations.

Our Values

Emerald and Tiger was founded in 2017 to create a safe, compassionate, and grounded space for people and the community to explore wellness and spirituality through sensory and healing experiences.

Jasmin weaves her life experience, training, and practices, including Reiki, Shamanism, Sound, Music, Somatic Movement, and Meditation, to fuse the synergies of modern life, conscious living, and ancient practices.

The brand’s ethos is to help guide people to remember their true self, body, heart and spirit; to feel connected to the earth, nature and all living things.

Please explore the website to discover our offerings, including one-to-one guidance, group and corporate workshops, wellness programmes, brand activations, immersive installations, consultancy, design, retreats, products and more.

About The Founder, Jasmin Harsono

“I guide people to remember and come home to their true self through immersive sensory and healing experiences.”

Jasmin Harsono is the founder of the wellness brand and space Emerald and Tiger. She is an intuitive wellness guide with eight years of experience working in wellness worldwide as a multi-sensory artist, practitioner, writer, author, speaker, contributor and brand advisor.

She fuses the synergies of her life experience, training, modern life, conscious living and ancient practices to support and give people experiences and tools to tap into their truth, power, and potential.

Her brand and work are featured in publications such as Allure Magazine, Forbes, Stylist, Evening Standard, Vogue and The Times. Financial Times, How To Spend It, Women’s Health and Goop recommend her work and sessions. Jasmin’s debut and best-selling book Self Reiki published by DK, is out now. 

Jasmin has a background in organising and producing events and content in Fashion and Television. She is of mixed heritage, her Father Iranian and Mother Italian/Welsh. She was born and raised in London, which is still her home. Jasmin is a compassionate and grounded practitioner. She shares her work worldwide, bringing a wealth of experience and offering transformational tools and sensory and healing experiences through modalities such as Breathwork, Reiki and Sound Healing that can be used in everyday life.

With more than fifteen years of study and practice, Jasmin’s training includes Life Coaching, Meditation Guide, Somatic Therapy, Reiki at Master Teacher Level, Sound Therapy, Shamanism, Reiki Science and Healing Voice Practitioner. In addition, she continues her professional and personal development by attending courses, workshops and seminars regularly.

She’s compelled to create something that captivates her inherent fascination with sensory and healing experiences involving movement, energy, sound, voice, nature, and colour and includes sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing elements. 

Jasmin’s unique approach dives deep into the correlation between all four layers of our being; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and our innate and cyclical connection to the elements, and Earth, Heart and Heaven energy.

She created The Three Diamonds using the combination of Breathwork, Reiki, Affirmations, and Sound, offering a unique and profoundly transformational sensory experience through The Three Diamonds, the Japanese energetic system of Earth, Heart and Heaven energy.

Composing, curating and performing has been an integral part of her life from a young age. She has always found healing and solace in music, sound and being able to tap into a sensory experience to express and process feelings and emotions.

She has a degree in Music Media Management, and her former band headlined prestigious venues in London alongside artists like Ed Sheeran. Jasmin continues to create music and sing; it is woven through her work; she believes that when we connect to our voice as a healing tool, it opens us to the forgotten or undiscovered part of ourselves.

Life experiences such as losing her Father to suicide at an early age, grief, PTSD, malignant melanoma (cancer), chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism, depression, endometriosis, and fertility issues opened Jasmin to the path she is on today. 

The practices and tools that support her health and wellbeing are offered in support of others.

She is passionate about providing people with similar conditions and ailments access to resources that will empower and guide them through their life’s journey.

She loves supporting the community and ensuring wellbeing is accessible for all, especially families and children. 

Emerald and Tiger regularly support and raise awareness for global and local causes and offers affordable, free or discounted sessions to those who may be vulnerable and in need of support. Jasmin offers free meditations via Instagram and online and private sessions to the NHS in collaboration with Duty of Care and in-person for Future Dreams Charity.

Please explore the ExT website, go to the services section to book a session, head to the shop section to Self Reiki book or download meditations and use the contact us page to enquire about a private event, immersive sensory installation or brand activation.

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“Awareness of the breath is a prelude to it all” Jasmin Harsono

Photo Credit: Re:mind Studio