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Our Story

Emerald and Tiger is a lifestyle brand and wellness community space established by Jasmin Harsono, an intuitive guide and multi-sensory artist.

Now, you can book one-to-one and group wellness sessions, brand activations, events, and retreats with us. Explore our shop for meditations and more.

Our Values

Established in 2017, Emerald and Tiger create a safe, kind, and grounded environment for individuals and communities to explore spirituality and well-being.

Our mission is to guide individuals towards deep listening and awareness, facilitating transformative sensory and healing experiences that cultivate connections with body, heart, and spirit.

We empower individuals to authentically connect with themselves, nurturing a deep sense of belonging and providing tools for navigating everyday life.

About The Founder, Jasmin Harsono

“Guiding individuals to remember their true selves.”

Jasmin Harsono is an intuitive wellness guide, multi-sensory artist, author, speaker, and brand advisor who integrates everyday living with ancient rituals.

Her mixed heritage of Iranian, Italian, and Welsh roots, her upbringing in London and her lived journey marked by the profound loss of her Father by suicide, health struggles, cancer, endometriosis and depression and overcoming adversity underpin her empathetic and grounded approach to wellness, which she shares globally.

With over fifteen years of study and practice across modalities such as Life Coaching, Meditation, Reiki, and Sound and Voice Healing, Jasmin offers practical tools and transformative experiences for navigating daily life.

From a young age, composing, curating, and performing have been integral to Jasmin’s life. She has always found healing and solace in music, sound, and the ability to tap into sensory experiences to express and process feelings and emotions.

Her work has been featured and recommended in leading publications such as Allure, Women’s Health, Goop, Forbes, BBC, and Vogue. Her book ‘Self Reiki,’ published by DK, is a testament to her expertise.

Emerald and Tiger actively champion charitable initiatives such as Future Dreams, Hello Love, and Suicide & Co., of which she is an ambassador. She strives to democratise access to well-being.

Explore the website and stay connected on social media @emeraldandtiger.