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“Where there is love, there is life”

Mahatma Gandhi

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Reiki is a deeply transformative, holistic healing therapy and spiritual pathway that channels universal energy through the aura, beautifully balancing and aligning the mind, body and spirit. A modality that relieves energy blockages and provides vitality to aid the healing (becoming whole) process emotionally, physically and spiritually. Reiki is relaxing and restorative, providing feelings of love, peace, security and harmony. It awakens our true self.

Sonic healing

Our method of sound therapy combines intuitive and carefully considered therapeutic sound tools, both ancient and modern techniques including the use of our vibrational instrument, the voice, shown to rebalance, rejuvenate and revitalise your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

Three diamond breath

Reiki ‘Three diamond breath’ has been intuitively created by Jasmin Harsono, founder of Emerald and Tiger. It is a powerful technique that will supercharge your energy, strength and vitality.

Focusing on breathing Reiki, into the three energy points within the body: The lower Tanden (HARA), connecting to Earth energy – three inches below the navel and centre of the body’s energetic powerhouse. The upper Tanden, connecting to Heaven energy – located at the third eye and crown of the head, quietening the mind and opening our intuition. The middle Tanden, connected to inner heart energy deep in the heart centre – a sense of coming home and aligning to your truth.

Connecting with the energy of Reiki, ‘great bright light’ ultimately brings flow, embracing the state of oneness.

Reiki Meditation

Experience connecting to your inner heart. Give yourself space to move out of the busy mindset and drop into a relaxing and uplifting meditation. Allow your body to relax, soften and deepen. Any blockages will start to disperse enabling the mind, body and soul to flow freely as they are welcomed by the highest healing energies and vibrations of guided voice, Three diamond breath, Reiki and Sound. Together they will open up your intuition and all subconscious to your authentic self and bring peace within.

Wellbeing Guidance

Wellbeing intuitive guidance helps create positive changes, exploring your true passion and desires. Discovering alternative ways of empowering the mind, body and spirit through techniques and therapeutic experiences. Guidance will support and give you the tools to learn to trust your intuition and commit to universal happiness. Love life. Engage in it. Give it all you’ve got.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu.

breathe love


We provide 1:1 and group bespoke multi-faceted offerings focused on holistic wellbeing for the body, mind, and soul.

We regularly host workshops helping people to connect more deeply with themselves through the power of self-love and inner fulfilment.

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