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Emerald and Tiger - Meditation

Calmness Within

Meditation is a practice and tool that helps us embody and connect to the mind, body (heart) and soul. Meditation brings us a deep awareness of life.

There are various styles and techniques used to understand and develop presence, concentration, clarity, flow, gratitude, energy, intuition, joy, calm and much more.

Meditation helps us discover or remember the true nature of things and the essence of who we are.

Learn how to cultivate a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings and peel back layers of worry, self-doubt etc to bring you home to your true self.

With regular practice, meditation may create profoundly peaceful moments and bring energised states that can lead to navigating life with more ease.

Guided Meditations

Jasmin shares meditations that help you feel more present in your body (heart) and with life. She will offer techniques that bring awareness to the breath and body and also tap into what is within and around us.

Meditations include grounding, heart-opening, self-love, self-care, deep rest, gratitude, kindness, nature, forest bathing, mindful walks and more to practice and deepen into life and develop inner peace.

When you book your session with Jasmin, you can discuss with her what meditation might suit your needs.

Reiki Meditation

Jasmin will share a guided Reiki meditation offering a profound opening and awareness of Reiki that is within you, your great bright light.

Sound Meditation

Jasmin shares guided voice and sound meditation to deepen you into a relaxed state (theta and delta brainwave states).

Every sound shared is played intuitively to help deeply penetrate the mind, body and soul with healing frequencies and vibrations.

These sounds travel through your space and aura, balancing and bringing harmony and peace to your mind, body, heart, and soul.

Various sounds shared include Gong, Drum, Crystal Bowls and Intuitive Voice.

The Three Diamonds Breath

The Three Diamonds Breath intuitively created by Jasmin Harsono is based upon the three primary energy centres in the Japanese energetic system which are called the three Tanden points.

The lower tanden (Earth Ki/energy) referred to as Hara in Japanese (belly in English), grounds us in Earth Energy and into our physical body – it is the central axis point of ki (life force energy). We bring awareness to our sacral/womb/feminine energy.

The middle tanden (Heart Ki/energy) opens us to our true self and to Heart energy (the heart is a brain connected to our emotional intelligence and wisdom, the energy of our heart extends 3/4 metres around us).

The upper tanden (Heaven Ki/energy), opens us to our intuition, wisdom and inner knowing. It also helps us expand and connect to our spirit guides, angels, ancestors and the universe.

This meditation invites soft, deep and focused breathing. Jasmin shares breathwork, touch and affirmations practice to bring awareness or remember Reiki energy within to help ground, and cultivate vibrancy and peace.

Breathe Love

This meditation is Jasmin’s most sought-after, incorporating The Three Diamonds Breath session and ending with a sound and loving-kindness meditation.

It has been shared with thousands of people online and offline at workshops, events and festivals worldwide, including In Goop Health, Stylist and Financial Times.

This session embodies the art of deep listening, bringing awareness to all parts of your mind, body, heart and spirit. Highly recommend.

Family, Children and Baby bespoke sessions

Please use the contact us form to make an enquiry for bespoke sessions for special occasions, parties, ceremonies, etc.

  • Breathe Love meditation
  • Presence meditation
  • The Three Diamonds Breath
  • Remote guided meditation
  • Reiki meditation
  • Sound meditation *Choose from Crystal Bowls, Gong, Intuitive Voice + more
  • Families and children meditation
  • Private events + brand activations
Benefits of Meditation
  • Promotes emotional health and wellbeing
  • Reduces the physical, emotional, mental and energetic impacts of stress
  • Helps alleviate depression and anxiety
  • Increases mental strength and focus
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Awareness of mood cycle and emotional intelligence
  • Deepens spiritual awareness and practise
  • Gain clarity, insight and a deeper understanding of life

Book a session

Choose from one of our meditation plans. *Bespoke offerings are available. Get in touch to book a private event.

Distance Guided Mediation


One person
Remote Treatment
30 min

Distance Guided Mediation


One person
Remote Treatment
60 min

Guided Group Mediation

Please send us an email enquiry for quotations on guided group meditations, corporate or brand activations.