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Emerald and Tiger - Meditation

Calmness Within

Meditation is a transformative practice that connects mind, body, and soul, fostering profound awareness. It amplifies presence, clarity, gratitude, and calm through diverse styles and techniques. Dive into meditation to rediscover your true essence and cultivate a deeper understanding of your inner world. Shedding layers of worry and self-doubt, reconnect with your authentic self.

With regular practice, meditation cultivates profoundly peaceful moments and energised states, facilitating greater ease in navigating life’s challenges.

Guided Meditations

Jasmin shares meditations to help you feel present in your body and life. Techniques include breath and body awareness, covering grounding, heart-opening, self-love, and more, tailored to your needs.

Reiki Meditation

Jasmin will share a guided Reiki meditation offering a profound opening and awareness of Reiki that is within you, your great bright light.

Sound Meditation

Jasmin offers guided voice and sound meditations for profound relaxation, intuitively harmonising the mind, body, and soul. Immerse yourself in balance and tranquillity with Gong, Drum, Crystal Bowls, and Intuitive Voice.

The Three Diamonds Breath

Jasmin Harsono introduces the Three Diamonds Breath, inspired by the Japanese energetic system’s three primary energy centres—the three Tanden points.

Breathe Love

Jasmin’s most sought-after meditation includes The Three Diamonds Breath session, concluding with a sound and loving-kindness meditation. Shared globally at workshops, events, and festivals like In Goop Health, Stylist, and Financial Times, this session embodies deep listening, fostering awareness of mind, body, heart, and spirit. Highly recommended.

Tailored sessions

Please utilise the “Contact Us” form to inquire about bespoke sessions tailored for special occasions, parties, ceremonies, and more, suitable for individuals, couples, families, and friends.


Benefits of Meditation
Meditation may:

  • Cultivate emotional wellbeing
  • Alleviate the toll of stress on physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels
  • Ease symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Enhance mental resilience and focus
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Heighten awareness of mood fluctuations and emotional intelligence
  • Deepen spiritual connection and practice
  • Foster clarity, insight, and a profound understanding of life

Book a session

Please choose from one of our meditation plans.
*Bespoke offerings are available. Contact us to book an in-person or private session.

Distance Guided Mediation


One person
Remote Treatment
30 min

Distance Guided Mediation


One person
Remote Treatment
60 min

Guided Group Mediation

Please send us an email enquiry for quotations on guided group meditations, corporate or brand activations.