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Sound Healing

Emerald and Tiger - Sound Healing

Sonic Therapy

Sound has been practised since ancient times and used in celebrations, ceremonies, expression, and communication. It is intrinsic to our being, extending beyond the audible range and connecting us to emotions, memories, and thoughts.

Healing sounds, vibrations, and frequencies from various instruments penetrate physical and subtle energy fields, helping to restore balance.

From our experience, sound therapy supports meditation, reduces anxiety and stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, regulates the immune system, lowers blood pressure, and enhances sleep. It also boosts mood by releasing hormones like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins.

Jasmin shares sound intuitively and tailors healing frequencies to clients’ needs. Sessions may include gong, drums, crystal bowls, voice, and more, which help to revitalize the body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Jasmin’s sound baths guide individuals into a relaxed state with a harmonious ambience.

Similar to an orchestra in harmony, our bodies thrive when in balance. Sound healing may help realign our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual layers, restoring harmony like a tuned orchestra.

Voice Healing

The human voice is medicine for the soul and a sacred tool for healing and self-expression. Delve into toning, chakra toning, intuitive song, and more. We guide you through practices to explore and harness your healing voice.


Gong Bath

Planetary gongs facilitate transformative shifts as their waves and vibrations interact with our bodies, composed of around 70% water. Each resonance from the gong releases blockages, filling our space with sound that resonates within us, creating a mysterious and unfathomable atmosphere. Surrender to the experience with openness.

Crystal Singing Bowls

The sacred luminescent bowls emit an expansive sound, aiding the body’s natural healing process. Close your eyes and embark on a journey into your heart and soul, opening up your intuition. Crystal bowls create a healing matrix, a family of light beams that support us in reconnecting, restoring, and ultimately finding peace.

Sound Treatments

Intuitive Voice
Singing and Chanting
Crystal and Singing Bowls
Tuning Forks
Binaural Beats
Ambient Sounds
Other Sound Instruments and Percussion

Benefits of Sound Treatment
  • Meditation may:

    • Promote deep relaxation and healing sleep
    • Support the body’s natural healing processes
    • Foster a sense of calm and well-being
    • Regulate breathing, brain waves, and heart rate
    • Lower high blood pressure and muscle tension
    • Alleviate stress
    • Aid in managing depression and anxiety
    • Enhance meditation practice
    • Encourage spiritual enlightenment
    • Enhance mental clarity
    • Foster a sense of connectedness and higher power
    • Deepen spiritual connection and practice

Book a treatment

Select a sound treatment or meditation plan below. *Custom options are available. Contact us to schedule an in-person session or private event.

Distance Sound Treatment


One person
Remote Treatment
30 min

Distance Sound Treatment


One person
Remote Treatment
60 min